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PRCA Advisory to Explore Opportunities to Strengthen Ties Between PR Pros and Academics, Students

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

I am excited and honored to be among the 30 Public Relations professionals from across the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, and Germany invited to serve on PRCA's International University Advisory Group.

We are most fortunate to have leading us Jared Meade, founder and principal of Rayne Strategy Group and contract senior public relations strategist for Holdsworth Communications, and Ana Adi, professor of public relations and communications at Quadriga University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, Germany.

According to Michael Collins, head of communications for London-based PRCA, the PRCA International University Advisory Group will explore opportunities that will seek to:

  • Strengthen ties between PR professionals and academics (Create a hub for collaboration and research, for example)

  • Bridge the gap for students between education and the workplace (example: paid internship programs, networking events, access to training, and community building)

  • Grow PRCA's international presence with universities

  • Produce and showcase research for benefit of PR professionals and academics

  • Deliver the highest level of vocational support to students internationally

  • Better engage students with meaningful support

The extraordinary wealth of knowledge, talent, wisdom, and depth of experience these members bring to the table is nothing less than awe-inspiring. It is truly an honor to be associated with such professionals from these countries.

Our first meeting is set for April 8th. Stay tuned, PR colleagues! Thank you, PRCA.


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